Equatorial Guinea

Special offer from Iberia – Fly to Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) from Europe for only €347!

If you are planing your holiday for April, May, October or November, you can visit Equatorial Guinea for only 347 Euro!!!

This is the round trip price with all taxes included, departures from Madrid, via Iberia, not some anonymus airline. Apparently Iberia is in a good mood to offer very good fares for exotic locations.

Below you can see a booking simulation for October, so you have plenty of time to get your visa:

Cheap flight to Equatorial Guinea

You can book your flight from Iberia website and book your hotel from booking.com. Don’t forget your travel pal, TripAdvisor , so you can check attractions and get some travel advices.

And another good news: there are around 30 degrees in October. Enjoy your Africa holiday!!

PS: the beach photo is real :)

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